DevOps Services

The complexity and speed of software development processes are critical factors for businesses aiming to gain a competitive advantage. At Datametrik, we assist our customers in accelerating software delivery times and streamlining processes by providing effective DevOps services.


CI/CD Integration: We automate your software development processes by adopting the principles of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. This allows you to quickly test and deploy your code, detect bugs earlier, and shorten your software delivery times.


Server Management: With our advanced server management services, we securely and efficiently manage your business's server infrastructure. We seamlessly handle operations such as server installation, configuration, updates, and security checks on your behalf.


Network Management: Our powerful network management services optimize and secure your business's network infrastructure. We offer expert support in network installation, configuration, monitoring, and performance optimization.


Database Management: Database management is a critical component that underpins your software projects. Our expert team provides support in database installation, configuration, backup, and security, optimizing the security and performance of your databases.


Accelerate your software development processes with Datametrik's DevOps services, streamline operations by integrating development and operations, and ensure faster deployment. We collaborate with our team of DevOps experts to deliver the best service to our customers.