About Us

Datametrik Information Technologies is a dynamic company at the intersection of technology and innovation, offering a wide range of solutions and services to its customers. Founded in 2020 in Istanbul and achieved significant success in the technology sector in a short time, Datametrik operates in Istanbul Health Sciences University Technopark and Ankara Social Sciences University Sosyokent technology development zones, thus taking part in an ecosystem that supports research and development activities.


Services We Offer


Datametrik offers a wide range of services to provide the technological solutions its customers need:



Hardware Supply: By meeting the hardware needs of businesses, it provides servers, storage, network devices and computer products.


DevOps Services: Provides DevOps solutions necessary for more efficient and effective management of software development processes.


Software Development: Develops custom software solutions for desktop, mobile and web applications.


Cyber Security: Provides security solutions to protect the digital assets of organisations.


SAP B1 Consultancy: Provides SAP B1 solutions to optimise business processes.


Open Source and Free Software: It offers open source and free software solutions to improve business processes.


Innovative Products


Datametrik plays a leading role in the field of technology with innovative products such as


Aquaculture Automation

Smart IoT Management Software

Digital Book Marketplace Platform

OxyMetric NanoBubble

Disaster Management Information System

E-mail Server Software


Investment in Human Resources


Datametrik attaches great importance to the continuous training and development of its young and dynamic software engineer staff. The company aims to make a difference in the sector and develop innovative solutions with its investments in this field.


 Our Mission and Vision


Datametrik's main goals include adding value to humanity, not compromising its principles and developing software products to be used worldwide. Always prioritising customer satisfaction, the company moves forward in line with its short and long-term visions and aims to achieve sustainable success in the technology sector.



Datametrik Information Technologies will continue to play a leading role in the field of technology and innovation with its innovative solutions and customer-oriented approach.