Aquaculture Automation


Revolutionary Solutions in Aquaculture


Aquaculture is becoming more efficient and sustainable with the advantages brought by modern technology and smart automation. Datametrik's Aquaculture Automation provides a comprehensive solution to manage your aquaculture operations from hatchery management to adaptation, growth, and many other stages.


Why is this automation solution important for the success of your business?


Hatchery Management: Monitoring and managing the early life stages of fish from the egg phase are crucial. Datametrik's Automation optimizes your hatchery processes to support the production of healthy and robust fish fry.


Adaptation and Growth: Effectively managing the adaptation processes of fish is important to maximize growth rates and health. This automation solution assists you at every step, from controlling water quality to tracking feeding.


Veterinary Treatment and Diagnosis Tracking: Regular veterinary checks and treatments are essential for fish health. Datametrik's Automation records veterinary treatments and diagnoses to help you maintain a healthy fish population.


Diving Tracking and Equipment Management: Monitoring the activities of diving teams and managing diving equipment enhances the safety and efficiency of your operations. This automation solution facilitates diving tracking and equipment management.


Marine Vehicles and Manipulations: Tracking marine vehicles and manipulation equipment ensures the smooth and safe operation of your operations.


With Datametrik's Aquaculture Automation, you can make your aquaculture operations more efficient and productive.


Take a significant step towards success by increasing sustainability and quality.